What's for Dinner- Arroz con Maiz

Ok so i admit it, I LOVE RICE!! Not just plain rice though, i love to make rice mixes and invent new recipes. Tonight i made rice with corn.. Arroz con Maíz. This is one of my favorite recipes, its so flavorful and colorful and brings in the Spanish flavors also present in Trinidadian cuisine. This is also a great way to get extra vegetables into your meal. So instead of plain rice, give this recipe a try... spice up that meal!! Tonight i served this with steamed long green beans and Stew Fish.

Arroz con Maíz

  • 2 C Parboiled rice (brown or white)
  • 1 12 oz can Sweet Corn
  • 2 Carrots; diced small
  • ½ Red Bell Pepper; diced small
  • 1 onion; fine chop
  • 2 garlic cloves; minced
  • 1 tsp red pepper flakes*
  • 1 tsp Thyme
  • 1 tbsp Tomato paste
  • 1 tbsp Ketchup
  • 1 tbsp Green seasoning or Sofrito
  • 1 tsp Pepper sauce*
  • 2 cubes chicken bouillon
  • 2 Bay Leafs
  • 4 C Liquid (chicken stock or water, or a combination of both)
  • Salt
  • Olive Oil
  • 1 tbsp chopped cilantro

*Optional- depending on your heat tolerance (or u can try more for more KICK)

  1. In cast iron pot or dutch oven, coat the bottom with Olive oil and add garlic, red pepper flakes and thyme. Turn heat on to medium high.
  2. When the garlic begins to sizzle around the edges add the onions and carrots. Salt the vegetables. Cook the onion/carrots until onions are translucent. Add a drizzle more of Olive Oil.
  3. Add the rice, completely coat with the olive oil. Allow the rice to toast in pot (the rice will start to crackle and pop). Continue to stir to prevent sticking.
  4. Pour in half the liquid, add ketchup, green seasoning, pepper sauce, bouillon cubes, bay leaf, corn and bell peppers. Bring to a simmer and taste liquid for seasoning.
  5. Turn heat down to medium low, add the remaining liquid.
  6. Cover the pot and cook for 20 mins. Turn off heat, add in the cilantro and let stand covered for an additional 5 mins. (remove Bay leaf before serving)

Happy Eating!!!


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