Ramadan is HERE, Let be Prepared!!!


Before I get into the main topic of this entry, Ramadan Preparations, I wanted to share a little about the month of Ramadan.

Ramadan, the 9th month of the Islamic Lunar Calendar, the month in which the Holy Quran “was sent down as a guide to mankind, also clear (signs) for guidance and judgment” (2:185). One of the most visible ways in which Muslims observe the month of Ramadan is by abstaining from food and drink (fasting) from dawn to sunset. The Quran says “Oh yea who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that you may learn self-restraint” (2:183).

Ramadan is not just about not being able to eat, in fact that may be seen as the easier part of observing this Holy Month. “Ramadhan is a struggle to be more obedient to G-d by working to improve your discipline to keep your human form in the group picture”- Hakim Sabree. Ramadan for me is a renewal of spirit and faith, where you strive to improve your entire life! Trying to stay in this frame of mind, as I prepare for Ramadan I try to streamline my daily routines as to not distract from the month’s observations. As this is a food blog, here is how I prepared my kitchen for Ramadan:

The Ramadan Essential Shopping

This year I strived to very proactive with my Ramadan prep (can’t pretend that I have always been this prepared), I made a list of what I thought would make Sahoor (meal before the start of the fast) /Iftar (the meal at the breaking of the fast) cooking much easier. I went to Costco (along with every other Muslim in the Northern VA area, lol) and got stocked! But this is the thing, just don’t (like most) just buy out the entire store, shop smart! Here are my essentials:

  • Rice, Pasta, bread (bagel thins and whole grain wraps), Cereal, Crackers
  • Eggs, Milk, Butter, Cheese, Yogurt (individual size and large Plain)
  • Pigeon Peas, Chick Peas, Corn, Tomato Paste, Pasta Sauce
  • Onions, carrots, bell peppers, cucumbers, avocado, salad greens, tomatoes
  • Fruit: Apples (to make apple sauce), mango, water melon, frozen strawberries & blueberries (to make smoothies) POM pomegranate juice, dates
  • Broccoli, Stir Fry Veg mix, Green beans
  • Ground Turkey, Talapia, Shrimp

This list did not include the things I keep on hand, for those items check my past post: "Welcome to my Journey"

· Before shopping, try to clean out your refrigerator (this also helps you assess what items you really need to restock).

· After you shop, organize and put away all your items. If you shop a big box store like Coscto, take everything out of the extra packaging and put them away.

· Try to keep your pantry and freezer stocked, so that you don’t find yourself having to run to the grocery every week!

This Ramadan I will be focusing my blog on helping you prepare healthy and fast Sahoor/Iftar and creating a special and memorable feast for the celebration of Eid Ul-Fitr.

I hope this post is beneficial to those of you who are observing Ramadan as well as my friends of other faiths!

Ramadan Mubarak.. Blessed Ramadan..


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