Why am i doing this?

Peace and Blessings my lovelies

I know iv'e been a bad blogger... le sigh. Can i be honest with you? Well the reason i fall off the blogesphere from time to time is MOTIVATION! So with that, i'm currently working on revamping this blog. I would like it to reflect my interests in food. Mainly, not just writing recipes, but musings, tips, take questions, etc.

I would love the feedback from those of your who have chosen to come along with me on this food journey.
What things would you like to see in this blog?
What food areas would you like me to cover?
Any specific Caribbean/ American fusions are you interested in?

So for those who may or may not know, the Muslim Holiday of Eid Ul Adha is fast approaching.. November 16th to be exact. What food related traditions have to established with your family? For my family.. its making pasteles... yummy.. Im working on posting the recipe.

That's if for now, i'm looking forward to all your feedback. You can comment here or on the Facebook Fanpage. I would like to keep you motivated in the kitchen right along with me.

Happy Eating.....



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